Spirit x Shale Litter

Video of The Day Archive

11-30-06 Hanging Out The pups just hanging out and playing.
11-28-06 A compilation of several shorts. Ping Girl get's her leg exercises - Blue Boy and Orange Boy Play - Pink Girl losses her way to the "milk bar"

Feeding Time and Introductions All Around

I didn't have anything interesting on the webcam to copy from so I grabbed the camcorder and shot some footage of them feeding and then went into the puppy box for some close-ups.
11-25-06 Orange Boy Barking He just woke up and decided he had something to say. This is first time I've actually heard any of them string multiple barks together into a sentence. They're learning to talk!
11-24-06 "Lunch Time" "Tell Us What You REALY Think Pink Girl" and Let The Teething Begin A compilation of three shorts. The first was at around noon and they had been blissfully quiet all day. Then at around 2:45 this afternoon all hell broke loose. Pink Girl got miffed at not having access to the milk bar and let everyone know about it. Then the whole group started up. Oh boy. I walked away muttering what a great weekend it was going to be - teething has begun. <sigh> Honey, where did you put the sleeping pills?

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