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Photo by Southard

VCCH Coppertop Winter Shenanigans

GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame
GRCA Agility Hall of Fame


Multi-HIT and Multi-HC
Registered Delta Society Therapy Dog


Born on January 3, 1999

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Shana's Pool Party - Check out the pictures.
Shana Gets her TD!

Shana lives in Sacramento with mom Cindy Hult, and Shana's niece Story, who is also a Coppertop Golden. A tracking star, Shana earned her certification, TD, and TDX all on her first attempts even though she was Cindy's first ever tracking dog. Cindy and Shana have continued to track with the ultimate goal of a VST title, but in the meantime they have had great success on advanced titles in both obedience and agility. Shana's focus and talent enabled her to earn her obedience titles quickly, but agility was decidedly more of a challenge for Cindy because of Shana's speed and enthusiasm. Despite the sporatic nature of this team's appearances in either the obedience or agility rings due to Cindy's full schedule, the talent and dedication of both dog and handler have taken them through both a MACH in agility and an OTCH in obedience, and they are also part of a very small number of teams to earn GRCA Hall of Fame status in both of those venues. In addition to her "hobby" pursuits, Shana is a registered therapy dog with the highly respected Delta Society. She and Cindy maintain an active therapy visit schedule and also help to test other prospective therapy dog and handler teams. NEWS FLASH - on Easter Sunday, 4/4/10, Shana and Cindy passed their Variable Surface Tracker title in White Plains, Oregon, to become Coppertop's first ever Champion Tracker (CT) and Versatile Companion Champion (VCCH)! Shana did an awesome job, completing her track in only 27 minutes, and is now one of only 3 Goldens to date to earn the ultimate performance title - the VCCH, which can only be attained by completing separate championships in obedience, agility, and tracking. Since Shana already had her OTCH and MACH, the VST title finished her Champion Tracker (CT) title, which was the third jewel of the triple crown needed to become a VCCH. Congratulations, Shana and Cindy!!!

Shana's accomplishments include:

  • Tracking Dog certification and title earned at 13 months old, both on first attempts
  • Tracking Dog Excellent title earned at 24 months on her first try
  • CD title completed with a Dog World Award, first place, and score of 198.5
  • CDX completed with all first places
  • UD completed with all first places
  • AX completed with all first places in only 6 shows
  • AXJ completed with all second places; this accomplishment also finishes Shana's VCD3 title
  • MX completed on Easter Sunday, 4/11/04
  • MXJ completed 8/8/04
  • UDX completed 1/23/05
  • GRCA Agility Hall of Fame requirements completed on 4/8/06 with her 10th QQ
  • MACH completed 8/18/07! Shana's title makes her the 4th MACH out of the 5 littermates of our first Pepper/Jammer litter, and the 6th MACH titleholder among the 2 Pepper/Jammer litters (a total of 12 siblings) Way to go, girls!
  • OTCH completed 10/27/07 - Shana is the third OTCH-MACH from our first Pepper/Jammer litter!
  • GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame status attained on 11/11/07 with her 5th High in Trial
  • UDX3 completed 4/20/08
  • VST, CT, and VCCH completed on Easter, 4/4/10, making her Coppertop's ever Variable Surface Tracker, Champion Tracker, and Versatile Companion Champion!
  • As of 4/27/09 Shana has 11 High in Trials and 18 High Combineds

Shana's Photo Album

MACH Shana ! AX with 3 First Places! UD with 3 First Places! CDX with 3 First Places! CD with a DWA!

Photo by Dog Gone Digital
Photo by Ann Clayton
Photo by Vicky Cook

Photo by Photos Today

Photo by Southard

Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) Title -- January 21, 2001-- First Try!

Over hill, over dale...

we will hit the thistle trail...

The final article--Victory!

A tired but happy team.

Sharing a special moment together
after a job well done.

Cindy and Shana earned their Tracking Dog Excellent title at the Sacramento Dog Training Club's advanced tracking test held at Folsom Recreation Area less than 3 weeks after
Shana's second birthday. It was the first time either of them has ever entered a TDX test
and they both did great! Her title makes
Shana Coppertop's first third-generation
TDX titleholder.

Tracking Dog (TD) Title -- February 27, 2000 -- First Title for the Pepper/Jammer Litter!

This Tracking Dog test was held by the Sacramento Dog Training Club at Mather Field. Shana's TD was the first of the day and the first title for her litter, though she was swiftly copied by her litter sister, Biscuit, who also earned a TD at the same test. As if that wasn't special enough, father Jammer was the third family member running in the test, and he too came home with a new TD title!

Shana marches off with her glove! Yay! A wet Golden is a happy Golden, especially if she has a glove in her mouth. Cindy & Shana (center) with judges Bob Rollins and Gail Burnham.  

shana1a.jpg (26357 bytes)
Photo by Southard
siblings1.jpg (26840 bytes)
Photo by Southard
shana5.jpg (21866 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
shana6.jpg (21759 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
Cindy with Shana.
Shana on right getting reacquainted with her littermate, Ted.
Sandy and Shana at about 6 months old. Sandy and Shana.

shana8.jpg (22280 bytes)
Photo by Southard

Shana at one year old.

shana10.jpg (24554 bytes)
Photo by Southard

Photo by Southard
shana11.jpg (21899 bytes)
Photo by Southard

shana7.jpg (21901 bytes)
Photo by Southard

Shana at one year old -- picture this on an agility course and you'll see why Cindy can't keep up with her!

shana13.jpg (20961 bytes) Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
Shana with teacher & best bud, Sandy.

shana14.jpg (20468 bytes) Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
Sandy and Shana.

shana12.jpg (22615 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult

Shana takes a breather.

shana17.jpg (22257 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
Sandy gives Shana a pointer.

shana16.jpg (20284 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
shana15.jpg (19671 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
shana18.jpg (20701 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult
shana19.jpg (22761 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Cindy Hult

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