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OTCH MACH9 Coppertop's Live Wire

GRCA Agility Hall of Fame
GRCA Outstanding Sire


Multi-HIT and Multi-HC

AKC Master National Qualifier - 2002, 2003
AKC Agility National Qualifier - 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
AKC Agility National Finalist - 2003
AKC Agility Invitational Qualifier - 2006, 2007, 2008

Multi-200's, Multi-HIT's, Multi-HC's


January 3, 1999 - January 24, 2009

Frozen semen available for select breedings only; contact Pat White.

Ted lives with Pat and Gary White in Sacramento, CA, along with Ted's younger sister, Spice, Causmo the Aussie, and Angel the cat. He and Pat have been turning heads in the field and on the agility course while training for a career in obedience. Ted skipped Junior Hunter and went straight to Senior, then on to Master, finishing both titles quickly and with style. While field work is great fun for this boy, he also loves agility; despite his other endeavors--and Pat's--he flew through all levels of AKC Standard and Jumpers titles, including MX and MXJ. His drive and focus on the agility course enabled him to accumulate over 750 MACH points and 9 Double Q's in 2002, even though he and Pat were absent from the agility ring for the first 4 months of the year while earning his Master Hunter title. We believe Ted is the first Golden Retriever to qualify for both the AKC Master National and the AKC Agility National in the same year, a feat he accomplished in both 2002 and 2003. In February of 2003 Ted ventured into the obedience ring for the first time and pranced away with a score of 198.5, first place, plus a tie for High in Trial. He remained undefeated throughout his limited Novice obedience career, ending with a 199 and HIT at his last show after winning a double run-off with the Open B winner. Then it was back to agility to finish his first MACH, which he did in his typical flying style on the weekend of his Grandma Lindy's birthday--October 18, 2003.

Ted's accomplishments include:

  • Senior Hunter completed in 5 of 6 tests, all within a 6-week period in the fall of 2000 before his second birthday
  • Master Hunter completed in 5 of 6 tests before his third birthday
  • NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, and AXJ all earned in 2001
  • MX and MXJ completed in 2002, along with over 750 MACH points and 9 Double Q's
  • Entered GRCA's Agility Dog Hall of Fame in January of 2003 after earning his 10th Double Q
  • AKC Master National qualifier in 2002 and 2003
  • AKC Agility National qualifier in 2002 and 2003
  • CD completed with all first places (6/6 shows), a Dog World Award, a High in Trial and a tie for High in Trial
  • MACH completed 10/18/03
  • Finalist at AKC Agility National Championships placing 10th in the 24 inch class.
  • CDX completed out of Open B in 3 shows in one weekend--January of 2004
  • TD earned on his first try on 2/8/04
  • UD completed out of Utility B on 7/24/04, with a score of 198 and tie for second place
  • MACH2 completed 8/1/04
  • GRCA 2004 National Specialty held in Malibu, CA, 10/12-15/04, Ted won all four 24-inch Excellent B classes and was the HIT Agility dog both days!
  • CCA earned at the GRCA's first ever CCA event, held at the 2004 National, which also qualifies him for the GRCA's coveted VCX designation
  • TDX earned on his first try on 3/6/05, which also made him a VCD3
  • OTCH completed 7/10/05
  • MACH3 completed 9/11/05
  • UDX completed 10/9/05
  • As of 10/11/05 Ted has 4 HIT's and 7 HC's
  • MACH4 completed 5/29/06
  • MACH5 completed 12/2/06
  • MACH6 completed 6/23/07
  • MACH7 completed 10/14/07
  • MACH8 completed June, 2008
  • MACH9 completed 10/26/08
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AKC Agility National Finalist!
Ted placed 10th in the 24 inch class at the 2003 AKC Agility National Championhips. The competition was held the first week of December in Long Beach, CA.
Pat and Ted with their placement rossette. Ahhh!  

Pat wrote the following about their National experience:

Hi to all our family and friends. Ted and I are home from our trip to the 2003 AKC Agility Championships in Long Beach, CA. I am very proud to say not only did Ted do a wonderful job, running clean in both rounds on Wednesday to earn a Double Q at the National, his times were fast enough to put us in 13th place after the first day of competition. He then went clean again in the third round on Thursday morning--moving us up to 8th place which put us into the finals!

Ted was the only Golden Retriever to make it to the finals in any height division this year. He outweighed each of the other 11 dogs in the 24-inch class by a minimum of 20 pounds. He competed against 6 Border Collies, an Australian Shepherd, a Standard Poodle and a Belgian Tervuren. Unfortunately we did have an off-course in the final round so we didn't place but he did himself proud. Just to make it to the finals is such a thrill, an honor and an accomplishment. In the top ten with us were multiple past National Champions and World Team members.

MACH Coppertop's Live Wire CD MH WCX, aka "Ted", can now add 2003 AKC National Finalist to his growing list of accomplishments. I am so proud of him I can hardly stand it.

MACH Ted!!

Pictured here with his way cool MACH Jump Pole signed by all his friends and supporters. Ted finished on October 18th at the trial held by Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore.
Ted got that 20th double Q under judges Sharon Kihara in Excellent Standard B and Roger Greenwald in Excellent Jumpers B. He took first place in Standard and second place in Jumpers. Great picture!
Photo by Ann Clayborn Studios

Ted's Photo Album

Novice B HIT at Wine Country KC

1st Place Hunting Dogs at NORCAL GRC Winter Specialty 2002 and 2003

Ted shows off his winning style in agility

Function follows form...Ted's sound
structure is a major factor in why this
boy has done so well in such a variety
of performance events!

Ted the Proud Daddy - Some of His Kids
Ted is at stud to approved bitches. He has produced several lovely litters as of this writing. Though his kids are all still quite young, we expect to be hearing about them before long as many of them are looking forward to careers in agility, field, and/or obedience.
The two pups pictured here are Gadget and Nimbus, both males from Ted's second litter. Their dam is Emberain The Chase is On CDX JH MX MXJ, owned by Ed and Edwina Ryska of Emberain Golden Retrievers.
Ted x Chase puppy, Gadget, at 4 mos. Ted x Chase puppy, Nimbus, at 4 mos.  

Ted at 10 months old
Pat sent me gobs of new pictures and I've included some of the best of them. Frankly, they were ALL good but it's a lot of work adding pictures to the web so I had to pick and choose. He's about 10 months old here. Pat says Ted is coming along wonderfully in all the areas they are training in - field, tracking, obedience and agility. Pat just told me they have their first conformation fun match next week! Field is their main focus right now so they have put tracking on the back burner because that can cause all kinds of grief with field training. Alice Woodyard is helping Pat put together a carefully planned training program for Ted. Pat tells me she really feels blessed to have someone like Alice to help her.

Photo by White

Photo by White

Photo by White

Photo by White

Photo by White

Photo by White

Photo by White

Photo by White

Ted's Baby Pictures
ted2.jpg (22007 bytes)
Photo by Southard
ted3.jpg (26344 bytes)
Photo by White
ted4.jpg (25036 bytes)
Photo by White
ted5.jpg (28370 bytes)
Photo by White
ted10.jpg (26353 bytes)
Photo by White
ted6.jpg (29090 bytes)
Photo by Southard
ted7.jpg (26054 bytes)
Photo by Southard
ted8.jpg (21434 bytes)
Photo by White
Trying to get this little squirt to hold still for a three-generation family shot just about killed both myself and Pat!  Pat's poor back!
That's Pepper to the left and Granny Lindy to the right.  Lindy had just had a bout of Vistibular Syndrome which is a minor stroke-like event in the middle ear.  It causes the characteristic "head tilt".  She's fine now but she sure looked like she'd been in the sauce!
ted14.jpg (28301 bytes)
Photo by White
ted11.jpg (29326 bytes)
Photo by White
ted12.jpg (29595 bytes)
Photo by White
ted9.jpg (25308 bytes)
Photo by White
ted16.jpg (27188 bytes)
Photo by Southard
ted18.jpg (26757 bytes)
Photo by Southard
ted19.jpg (27405 bytes)
Photo by Southard
ted21.jpg (31746 bytes)
Photo by Southard

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